EveryWare Help

Prior to using EagleSoft EveryWare for the Web, you must first setup your preferences and password in the EagleSoft program.

In EagleSoft, click on Online in the menu and choose EveryWare Sync Preferences. The EveryWare Export Wizard will walk you through the steps of setting up your EveryWare preferences.

Once you have finished the Wizard, click on Online in the menu again and this time choose EveryWare Web Sync. Your data will automatically be exported and sent to the EveryWare web site.

To begin using EagleSoft EveryWare, connect to the Internet and open your web browser to http://www.eaglesoft.net/everyware . In the login form enter your EagleSoft Client ID and Password that you set up in the Wizard, then click Login.

After logging in to EveryWare, you can view the following items: Phone Book, PostOp Calls, Prescriptions, Schedule, Tasks, InfoPort (currently available for Central users only), and eReferrals. *

  • Click the Phone Book button to view your list of Providers, Pharmacies and Referral contacts.
  • Click the PostOp Calls button to view any PostOp calls you have scheduled.
  • Click the Prescriptions button to view a list of medications prescribed.
  • Click the Schedule button to view up to two weeks of your schedule.
  • Click the Tasks button to view a list of tasks assigned.
  • Click the InfoPort button to view Provider Productivity and Day Sheet reports (currently available for Central users only).
  • Click the eReferrals button to view any electronic eReferrals that you have sent to other doctors.

* All EveryWare data is relative to the time frame of your last EveryWare Web Sync.


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